About This Esther

My name is Lisa and I am wife to 3DMan (who loves to do video special effects, hence the nomenclature) and stepmother to AbsentTeen (14 yr old girl), GlitterToes (9 yr old girl), and Superboy (6 yr old boy).

For obvious reasons known to many bloggers and readers of personal blogs, there is a need for anonymity when it comes to one’s family. I admit that the boundaries are sometimes blurry because when writing about real life, real struggles, real joy, and real victories, it’s hard not to go into such detail that it would invade upon their world.

So for their privacy’s sake and for clarification, I will describe our home-life in a nutshell:

We have the kids full-time and the younger two kids see their mother every other weekend.

The oldest child, whom I will call AbsentTeen and will not appear that often in this blog, does not currently live with us due to psychological needs. She is currently in a residential program receiving the help that she requires and will hopefully absorb. I love her with all my heart, but I admit that talking about her is a loaded potato that I don’t wish to digest. How’s that for a metaphor? Do keep her in your prayers, if you wouldn’t mind.

GlitterToes is a full-of-attitude (both good and bad) up-and-coming tween who is entering puberty way too early for our tastes. She is a craft queen and just found her calling as a dancer. She is very talented, looks like me, and has a budding passion for Jesus that I can’t help but love. As her childhood naivete flies north and her tweendom visits us from the south, I find myself at odds with her more and more. She is beautiful, bossy, generous, gregarious, and sweet.

Superboy is my boy. I’ve known him since he was almost two years old and I truly feel he could have been mine. I love all my stepkids as my own, but this boy I pottytrained; this boy I rocked to sleep; this boy who received his very own made-up lullaby from me. He is sprouting into a young man right before my eyes. While I’m glad he’s leaving eternal whininess behind and showing more of an individual personality, I find myself mourning the baby fat and innocent adoration.

I am an all-in stepmother who is passionate about tearing the role out of Disney movies and bad soap operas. I love my stepkids as though they are my own and will often refer to them as “my kids” or “our kids,” when referring to 3DMan (my husband of almost 4 years).

Those are the wonderful beings in my home. Oh, and my growing-older-much-beloved cat.

As far as I go, I’ve been a writer since I could first hold a pencil.

So when I became a  Christian in late 2010 after being on the lowest of floors, in the deepest of pits, as God picked me up when I finally called out to Him, a passion for Jesus grew in me so gigantic that it only made sense that my writing should reflect my faith.

Having been a poet all my life, I felt the distinct call from God to stop writing my poetry which always stemmed from depression and angst. I knew God wanted me to experience writing from a better source – Him.

And so my first blog was born. I wrote about my questions, my prayers, my hopes, my fears.

But as my faith has grown, so has my desire to have a blog that focuses on a specific ministry.

And here we are.

I am a babbler. In recent years I have become more apt to babble and not reach an endpoint very easily. You will come to see that if you haven’t already.

But to make this About Me page tidy at the end, I will partake in the much-loved list of things I enjoy and love:


-my family


-helping those in need

-blogging, of course


-discovering new worship music – what a thrill!

-having tea with dear friends and enjoying deep conversation and much laughter

-poetry (I’m still discovering its place in my life)

-faith blogs

So thank you for reading About Me and while I hope to maintain privacy for my family and myself, I do hope that we all can become a community and support each other.


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