On Starting the Beginning in the Middle: a Welcome!

When I became a Christian a little over two years ago, being a writer I, of course, started a blog. That blog chronicled all my questions and ruminations about the new faith and love that God had placed on my heart.

As my faith matured so did my desire to change my blog. Thus, We Are The Esthers was born.

What does that mean? Well, many things.

My aim in this blog is to talk about how everything relates back to faith: parenting, marriage, our life’s calling, emotional well-being; every decision we make in life comes back to the faith we do or do not have in God.

I lived approximately thirty years not believing in God, being an “ignorant God-liker,” as I say. I liked the idea of God, but I never realized the commitment, accountability, and bravery it took to become a Christian. I knew what that life of “not believing” felt like and the struggles it brought me.

Now that I believe, I don’t find that my life has any less struggle, but I find a peace and comfort I could never imagine. And, yes, I do believe everything circles back to our belief – or unbelief – in God.

The Biblical heroine, Esther, was a nobody who rose to be quite a somebody.

I think God specifically chooses those types of people to glorify Him.

I believe we are all Esthers – women and men: called to rise up from our everyday ordinariness and claim who we are in Christ: someone extraordinary. Someone loved, someone cherished.

Someone Jesus Christ gave his life for. Yes, friend, He gave His life for you.

Right here. Right now. Jesus calls you to do something big.

Now before you get all nervous and intimidated, you should know that words like “big” mean something entirely different to our God. God sees you give that homeless man a bottled water and that is “big.” God sees you bandage up your child’s cut elbow and that is “big.” God sees you go to that job you need but might not love at this moment and that is “big.”

Esther probably didn’t know that she’d save the lives of an entire race.

Whether you change the life of the one child entrusted into your care or whether you work out on the missionary field and spread the Gospel to hundreds, even thousands – it’s all “big” to God.

Right here. Right now. For such a time as this.

I love that phrase, for such a time as this. It comes from Esther 4:14 and speaks to Mordecai telling his niece that perhaps she was called to royalty right here, right now – to save all God’s people.

Can you imagine what Esther must have felt?

But God carried her through all those nerve-wracking, crying-out-why-me feelings. He walked with her as she approached the king. God carried her all the way and led God’s people to victory.

So, too, will God carry you if you walk those brave steps toward tomorrow which is the “such a time as this” place.

We are needed, you and I. As children, as parents, as friends, as spouses and co-workers. We are needed right here and right now.

Because you just never know what kind of “this” a time will be.

You bless me with your presence here today. Won’t you return often and converse with me? I yearn to be a beacon of the light Jesus has placed in my heart.

I love the broken because I am broken, too. I love the needy because I am needy, too.

And I am called to reach out to those who hurt and hold them with my words and my prayers. Won’t you let me do that for you? And I am not above accepting words and prayers, even questions and challenges, from you, as well.

I will also be starting different series about certain things dear to my heart.  For instance, I hope to share my struggles with parenting (particularly stepparenting) as well as my emotional struggles – all in hopes of connecting with any up-and-coming-Esthers or Already-Esthers who might need some encouragement or a listening ear. I also hope to spotlight some pretty amazing Esthers I know in my real-life and online.

I look forward to getting to know you better.

On knees, head low, arms high…


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